Insilico Medicine Partners with Longenesis

Our world is a place in which technological innovations are constantly evolving to become better than their predecessors. It is interesting to note that these innovative technologies have permeated a wide variety of industries and sectors. The medical industry is one in which the use of such innovative technologies has continued to result in different breakthroughs, and we cannot help but be amazed at how effective and efficient some of these innovations have proven to be.

Insilico Medicine and Longenesis have fused together Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Bitfury to deliver an advanced, top-notch, and secure platform, that will facilitate effective and efficient live data storage. It is important to know what the combination of these two big names is bringing to the table in the realm of innovative technologies. Their ultimate goal is to create a platform that will be revolutionary in the way it delivers analytical medical data, via the different solutions it intends to offer. Some of the solutions that this partnership brings are described below.

Data Privacy and Security

We are well aware that blockchain technology is, by default, safe and secure; hence, the partnership between Insilico Medicine and Longenesis is expected to bring about the secure storage of data, thus, making it easier for users to track their health data. Furthermore, blockchain technology boasts advanced privacy features, which automatically means that users of this platform will enjoy unique privacy privileges.

Third Party Elimination

With the inclusion of blockchain-based smart contracts, buyers will be able to maintain a secure line of communication, without any form of interference from third parties. Essentially, buyers will be able to begin the process of communicating with sellers by sending them data requests that will not require the use of any third parties. Thus, the processes involved will be streamlined as this new ability to effectively communicate is implemented.

Advanced Development of Healthcare

By involving Longenesis, Insilico’s data escrow feature will be used to facilitate the provision of new knowledge about the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the system will provide the necessary research resources, recommendations, and analysis, all of which will help develop more advanced drugs, contributing immensely to the positivity of longevity.


Blockchain technology has continued to gain grounds since its inception. Overall, it has proven to be a good technology with the ability to bring solutions to businesses in different sectors and industries. We cannot help but appreciate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being put to good use, and that various other platforms have begun to use this innovative technology to bring about accurate health data solutions to various users. This is a revolutionary partnership that we expect will bring about an improved healthcare system facilitated by increased access to accurate health data.

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