SNIPR BIOME is a biotech company headquartered in Copenhagen. They are one of the leading CRISPR microbiome companies in the world and are striving to bring in the best research when it comes to engineering microbiomes via the CRISPR. Not to mention it helps treat a huge range of diseases like multi-drug resistant infections, cancer and IBD, among many others.

Recently, SNIPR BIOME received 40 million Euros in order to further improve their CRISPR based microbiome drugs and put them into clinical trials. They are hard at work to target as well as kill bacteria by using certain DNA sequences. Christian Grondahl, the company CEO started to work on using gene editing suitable for killing bacteria ever since 2015 and the company has managed to create numerous patents that are now used to alter the microbiota. The company also got 2.6 million Euros from Lundbeckfonden Emerge for finding new applications related to their research.

SNIPR BIOME gets to access a large funding pool here and they will be able to test their studies on things like killing multi-drug resistant bacteria in the food industry. Obviously, if the trials are a success this can be very helpful for a plethora of companies as it will help protect food and make it better against bacteria.

What makes SNIPR BIOME great? They are selectively eradicating the problematic bacteria without bringing any kind of damage to the microbiome. SNIPR BIOME states that they are working, next generation of antibiotics that people will be able to take, their research will automatically target a very specific type of bacteria based on its genetic fingerprint.

Apparently the main use at first will be medical applications, but there’s also the potential to use this technology in the industrial world too where eliminating bacteria strains will be extremely helpful. SNIPR BIOME might not be the only European company that wants to manipulate microbiomes, however their application is unique and the overall technology does come with quite a lot of promise.

However, we can expect this to take quite a bit of time. And that’s because the technology is still in the early days and it will require a lot of tests before it can be release in the wild. But the potential that comes from providing better treatments and improved assistance for patients is definitely worth it.

It might take a bit of time until we see this kind of product on the market, but is actively working at finding a comprehensive solution to deal with problematic bacteria. According to the company CEO, the treatment might be available for humans in 2 years. So we’re not that far away if you think about it, and the benefit is that they are actively trying to find other unique ways to harness the power of this set of solutions. It’s definitely worth it and it’s the type of thing that will help the industry evolve quite a bit!

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