GW Pharmaceuticals is a pharma company playing a role in the “weed” side of biotech in the United Kingdom. They aim to bring more cannabis-based prescription drugs and medicines into the market. Countless people are suffering from ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, etc. Over-the-counter medicines like these have the potential to improve the quality of life for these individuals significantly. With the recent launch of Epidiolex by GW Pharmaceuticals, the debate on cannabis-based medicines has once again been sparked; keep reading to find out why Epidiolex is not as bad as you might think!

1.    What Can It Do?

Epidiolex is mainly targeted at individuals who suffer from spontaneous seizures, and epilepsy attacks, etc. Therefore it is a welcome blessing for multitudes of people suffering from ailments that do not have specified cures and are using medicines that are not necessarily FDA approved and hence have unfulfilled needs. These include the Dravet Syndrome, Infantile Spasms, the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and many more. Epidiolex is the first-ever medicine for Dravet Syndrome that is FDA approved. Over 2000 patients are already on the mend after using Epidiolex and continue to do so due to its friendly use courses and open-label research.

2.    Establishing Credibility

GW Pharmaceuticals has already put in significant effort to get Epidiolex effort approved by the FDA, that in itself goes to show how much they believe in this cause and will continue to do for the years to come. Also, they have held all comprehensive preclinical research and extensive clinical trials to test the effectiveness of Epidiolex on over 500 volunteers. Moreover, Epidiolex is guaranteed not to cause any sort of ‘high’ or other side-effects that are usually associated with the use of regular marijuana.  

3.    Affordability and Accessibility

Epidiolex pricing plans are reasonably comparable to those of pre-existing medicines for LGS and Dravet Syndrome etc. Although it was believed that Epidiolex, being a whole new medicine in a new category, would be racking up hefty sale costs and profits, however, it was soon made evident upon its launch that it was meant for everyone. Initial buyers are reporting back with positive feedback. In turn, GW pharmaceuticals are also confident that wide-ranging accessibility and acceptance of the drug will allow them to be even more productive in the future.

4.    The Future of Epidiolex

With the approval of the FDA, many people believe that Epidiolex will soon be making its way into the international market as well, specifically in the United Kingdom and by extension, Europe. There are also talks of expanding and holding further clinical trials spread over various phases to see if Epidiolex can be used to cure other syndromes such as Rett syndrome.


To sum up, it is necessary for the general public to look at this project by GW pharmaceuticals with an open mind. Only then will we be able to remove the stigma that is attached with using cannabis-based drugs and hopefully create a better future for ourselves where more and more people can be facilitated and achieve a healthy standard of living.   

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