Sage Therapies Wins FDA Approval For Depression Drug

It is no secret that depression and other mental health ailments have riddled all sorts of people throughout the generations. With increasing awareness and attention towards this growing issue, more and more individuals are turning towards medicinal cures to achieve a healthier, happier quality lifestyle. Here is where Sage Therapeutics comes in with its brand new anti-depressant, Zulresso. It has recently been given the go-ahead by the FDA which is a big leap for Sage Therapeutics, keep reading to find out more about this wonder drug!

1.    What is Sage Therapeutics All About?

Sage Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on clinical based research and trails for upcoming drugs and medicines. They aim to identify and deliver top of the line therapeutic services that can significantly improve upon the lives of patients that are suffering from ailment directly related to the central nervous system (CNS) and other mental health issues such as anxiety, and depression, etc.

2.    About Zulresso

Zulresso by Sage Therapeutics is a brand new medicinal drug that specifically caters to the current issue of postpartum depression. It is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA and the only kind of actual cure that exists on the market for postpartum depression as of yet. Zulresso represents much more than medicine; it also represents the bold initiative taken by Sage therapeutics to bring this product idea to reality and introduce it to such a vast clientele. Along with this approval, however, a black box warning has also been printed on the packaging that warns against extreme side effects that may include heavy sedation and spells of unconsciousness. The following section explains how Sage therapeutics plans on combating these potential risks.   

3.    What’s next For Zulresso?

Sage Therapeutics is planning to seek help from regulating authorities to set up a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) program. This is aimed to help both health workers and patients cope with administering and accepting the drug as well as they can by participating in the REMS program. There are some potentially unpleasant aspects to the scenario as well, i.e., a lengthy transfusion period via IV of approximately 60 hours. This will, of course, translate to the mother having to be separated from her baby for some amount of time. Also, there is the matter of the transfusion charges that can amount up to $34,000. However, it is important to note and appreciate that these are onetime costs and may be well worth the investment. 


Sage Therapeutics’ current tagline for their Zulresso campaign is ‘Leave no mom behind’ is perfectly apt for this project. In addition to catering to these unmet needs of new mothers, they are also aiming to remove the stigma associated with postpartum depression and hope to create a support system to encourage more people to stand up for themselves and seek medical help regarding this issue so that they do not end up suffering alone. 

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