Graduating with a Science Degree? Here is the Secret to Breaking in the Biotech and Pharma Industry

Getting a break in the biotech world might seem like a challenge at first (Trust me, it takes some time). But if you are graduating with a science degree and you want to enter a good industry with some pretty interesting income options, then Pharma and Biotech are the best industries you can opt for. The salaries are great after working for a few years and you will be quite amazed with the array of opportunities and benefits you can get here. Obviously there are challenges along the way, but for the most important part graduating with a science degree does provide you with some astounding opportunities.

Find The HOTTEST Jobs On The Market For This Industry

Pharma jobs are always well paid, so entering the pharma world will pretty much guarantee a good paycheck. That being said, Biotech jobs tend to grow in importance from time to time. At this particular point, jobs that are widely sought after are genetic counsellors, microbiologists, epidemiologists, biochemists, lab technicians and biomedical engineers, among many others. The thing to keep in mind is that trends tend to change all the time and that entry level jobs will allow you to get in fast. Thankfully with just a single Google search you can easily find some of the hottest jobs. But ideally you want to go with something that you are very well prepared in and which you can adapt and adjust as you go along.

Check For Any Internship Opportunities

What you want to do here is to make sure that you find some internship opportunities. It can be hard to get into Biotech companies when you just graduated, so internships do make a lot of sense. You learn the ins and outs and the best part is that you can also ensure that some notable people in that business will notice you. This totally works and you will be quite happy and impressed with the entire process. This is a truly extraordinary thing and something that you will enjoy all the same if you do it right. The more experience you get in this industry, the better it will be. After all, you will find more exciting jobs and you will gain access to better opportunities with experience. Without that, chances are smaller and you might not get the value you want.

Follow Industry Publications

Checking on the latest Biotech publications might seem boring and not that helpful if you want to find a job. But the reality is that some Biotech companies actually advertise their open positions in there. So while does seem like a waste of time for those that want a job, it might work great for you in the end.

As long as you make the right pick you will be fine, so use that to your own advantage and the payoff can actually be more than ok. Don’t keep this as the only option, try to use some other ways of finding a job if possible. But it will work great if you use this as well.

Search job boards

While this might sound tedious for a lot of people, it totally works and you do want to at least test it out for yourself. It can be tricky to cover all Biotech job boards out there, but you have to try it. Thankfully there are some major boards like indeed, careerbuilder and some less major ones like monster, but if you check adequately you will have no problem finding the right model that suits your needs. It will totally be worth it in the end if you browse as many boards as possible. The more you browse, the better it will be just because you have a much better insight into the experience and how everything will work as a whole.


Yes, networking is the key to really breaking in any career and is a great Biotech job finding tool. Although it might seem like a waste of time at first if you’re too focused on finding a job, the reality is that networking is everything. Prepare some cards with your name and contact details, prepare your LinkedIn profile and start attending various industry events. Meeting up and becoming friends with people in the industry is a clear choice if you want to focus on results more than anything else here. That doesn’t mean it will always work, but the more people you know in the industry, the higher the chances that one of them actually knows about a job that suits your expertise. Again, you want to be fully prepared, so having an internship in the meantime really works.

Browse Industry Databases

The reason you want to do that is because it can be hard to find all Biotech companies via a Google search. In this case you want to make sure that you browse one site after the other to find career opportunities. Honestly this is time-consuming, but it helps a lot because not all of these jobs are shown on the job boards. It will make a lot of sense to try and work with industry experts if possible, and the payoff on its own can be huge, just consider that and you will be fine.

Work With A Recruiter

Since browsing job boards and databases can be very time-consuming, we do recommend you to work with a recruiter. Aerotek, Biospace, Kelly Services are well recognized for connecting grad students to the industry. They will work with you in building your resume, saving you time (thank god) and you can focus on preparing for your interviews that your recruiter set you up with . It definitely makes a lot of sense and you do want to test out such an approach whenever you can.

Once you have a science degree you obviously want to put it to the test, and it will be a very good idea to focus on graduating and getting the best possible outcome. It’s not always going to be easy to find the right job in the industry, but the ideas listed here are amazing and you will enjoy the payoff for sure. Just try to keep that in mind and you will be quite happy with the results in the end. Yes, it will take some time to find the right Biotech job, but this will establish your career, so the last thing you want is to rush!

Lastly, don’t forget to research and learn about the company you’re interviewing for!

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