Grail’s Tech Can Find Cancer Before it Spreads

Grail’s Blood Test Shows Early Cancer Detection Before It Spreads

Cancer, simply put, is the growth of cell at an abnormal pace. There are over a hundred different types of cancers; the most commonly known include lymphoma, skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc. The risk of cancer is, without a doubt, a highly nerve-wracking prospect and late detection has proven to be fatal more often than not.

There are some types of cancer that are particularly difficult to detect at earlier stages, or to detect at all for that matter, i.e. pancreatic cancer. Grails’ blood test may be a strong contender to rectify this dilemma, keep reading to find out more.

1.    What is the Grail’s Blood Test?

Grail Inc. is a healthcare firm that solely aims to work on detecting cancer in its earliest stage. They have recently announced the new Grail’s Blood Test that can detect cancer using a single blood test. It is important to note that the blood test does not only just detect the presence of cancer, but also reveals its exact origin and location.

So far, studies have revealed that the test can detect 12 different types of cancers, including pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, liver and lung cancer, head/neck cancer, and esophageal cancer. Together, these 12 types account for over sixty percent of death caused by cancer in the US, implying that the test is well suited to detect the more dangerous/fatal types of cancers. This is therefore a welcome step in the right direction. 

2.    How Well Does It Work?

The Blood Test’s sensitivity for detection lies in the range of approximately 59-86 percent, depending on the stage of cancer. For most early stages, there is a 34 percent chance of detection; the number increases for further, more advanced stages. Additionally, the test reports a 94 percent success rate in identifying the location or origin of the tumor or cancerous growth. Overall studies have revealed that the blood test has a mere one percent chance of error, i.e., showing false positive results that can be rectified with further development.

3.    What Does the Future Hold for Grail’s Blood Test?

The purveyors of the Grail’s Blood Test are now working on bringing this new advent towards the commercial market. This is aided by some further improvements in technology, such as adopting a methylation-based approach, i.e. focusing on DNA methylation to observe abnormal cancerous growth within the body.

Furthermore, they are working on holding more studies and clinical trials to explore the exact potential of this new blood test and, hopefully, make it work for other types of cancer as well.


Grail Inc. is very confident about its current pace of development, which stems from the various salient features of the Grail’s Blood Test. This is truly a new arena of medical research and one that is very necessary to preserve the health and lives of cancer patients all over the world. 

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