Century Therapeutics Secures $250 Million in Financing

Century Therapeutics, a biotech start-up from Philadelphia secured $250 million in financing to help them deliver a new type of cancer therapy to patients. Bayer is investing more than $215 million.

A company determined to cut the amount of time it takes in creating personalized medicine for patients fighting cancers and tumors.

Bayer, Versant Ventures, and Fujifilm is contributing to Century Therapeutics’ ambition to make off the shelve medication for cancer patients. Century therapeutics’ is trying to shake the industry by changing the way we look at and make medicine for patients suffering from severe diseases like leukemia, blood cancers, and solid tumor malignancies.

Traditionally patients fight their disease by having their white blood cells removed, engineered, cultured in the lab, and given back to the patient. By engineering a white blood cell, you can engineer them to have an attraction (affinity) to target tumors and cancers that express specific markers outside of the cell. This is where Century Therapeutics tries to engineer induce pluripotent stem cells into fighting cancer machines that are designed to attack hematologic and solid cancers.

They have a six-step process in creating cancer-fighting tools, and the first step is starting with iPSC, then engineering the cells to kill and overcome the resistance of tumors and cancers. After creating disease-fighting immune cells, they culture the cells and store them in a blood bank. Saved and later differentiated into T cells, Natural Killer cells and other immune cells to target solid tumors. These cells are then grown into commercial supplies allowing Century therapeutics to have a clinical supply ready for cancer patients.

The importance of Century Therapeutics can he heard with the monster of a round of money raised quickly. It has surprised investors and pharmaceutical executives but has hinted to where the the industry might head to, iPSC.

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