GW Pharma’s Stock Soars from Second Quarter Sales of Epidiolex

Epidiolex, a drug originated from Cannabis-Marijuana, has been developed by GW pharma (Nasdaq: GWPH) which treats the patients of epilepsy. The chemical compound found in this medicine is Cannabidiol, and it is due to this compound that treats some forms of epilepsy.

Setting its legacy shares the honor of being the first and only FDA-Approved Prescription Cannabidiol (CBD). It is due to this drug which has paved the way for new hope and new possibilities. People can now experience easiness and relief and endure limitless forms of goodness the world has to offer.

Looking at the statistics

The U.K. based pharmaceutical company posted a jaw-dropping increase in the Cannabis-derived drug from the 1st quarter. In the previous quarter the sales were $33.5 million whereas, in the 2nd quarter, the sales have escalated to $68.4 million. The sales reporting in the current quarter shows that it is a multiple of the preceding quarter. The stakeholders are very much pleased with the proceedings and have caught the eye of future stakeholders. Hence the shares have risen to more than 11% in after-hours trading.

The Chief Executive of G.W. Pharma said that he is very pleased with the astounding results of the 2nd quarter, which shows that there is high demand by the U.S. consumers. It has catered to more than 12,000 prescriptions and has been distributed to 2,500 doctors. With these numbers, it is safe to say that G.W. pharma has outdone itself and is continuing to invest in the betterment of the lives of people.

Going Deeper

It is quite natural to be reluctant when hearing about medicine, which contains Marijuana because it has proved to be a demon in many cases. But this seems promising because people have given positive feedback after the intake of Epidiolex.

On Wednesday, the CEO, Justin Glover, said that they are at the initial stages of Marijuana induced drugs. To proceed further and allow significant research to be done, a comprehensive study and education are required to explain what the drug does, how it functions, and most importantly the types of patients that it will cater to and benefit.

Furthermore, the stereotypical mindset of people needs to take a turn and realize that a thing once considered bad does not necessarily mean that there is no constructive use of it. Sure, it may have side effects, but then every human-made product ever made has its cons.

What to Expect?

Innovative companies like G.W. Pharmaceuticals PLC have constituted the optimization of human lives. It is due to these companies that are doing their utmost best to filter out the possible hurdles humanity faces in their lives. Epidiolex is evidence that people with numerous forms of epilepsy can also lead a fulfilling life.

Recently the joint venture between GSK and Pfizer is solely to share their research findings, and the partnership of two leading pharmaceuticals will result in a drug that would counter diseases that have yet to be cured. As representatives of Earth and humanity, we need to facilitate and provide a seamless process to endure such transition, because after all, this can happen to anyone of us.

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