Roche’s Tecentriq is Looking Good with Two More Drug Approvals in Europe

Treatment for cancer patients has come a long way in the past fifty years. Gone are the days when decisions were made based on a hit-or-miss response; the 21st century has enabled us actually to view what’s going inside the body in real-time.

The frontrunner for treating patients, which include medications and therapies, is a drug that goes by the name of Tecentriq. 

What is Tecentriq? 

Tecentriq is a medicinal drug, categorized as a monoclonal antibody, which helps improve our immune system. They fight against the growth of tumour cells.

The main reasons Tecentriq is used for cancer treatment is because it can effectively eliminate cells without any damage to the host. Generally speaking, Tecentriq is given in dosage when cancer has spread from the source to other parts of the body.

As of yet, Tecentriq has been used as a treatment for bladder cancer, urinary tract cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.

This drug was synthesized in the labs of Roche Holding AG, a pharmaceutical company based out of Switzerland.

Recently, the European Commission granted marketing authorization and permission for Roche Pharmaceuticals. Within the week, the shares of the establishment have rallied up to 12.5%, which is a great number, as opposed to the industry’s growth which is speculated at just 3.3%. 

Approvals in the EU 

Just last week, Roche was given the green light by the relevant authorities to start using their product as the primary treatment for cancer patients. This will be executed in conjunction with chemotherapy. Till last year, another drug was employed as well (Avastin). However, it was shown that the former alone could make a difference in the long run.

This move, in the long run, will pave the way for Roche to establish a new market for themselves. Along with Tecentriq, Roche also plans to promote and regulate the use of two more drugs that aren’t that well known: Hemlibra, which is used for the treatment of Hemophilia, and Ocrevus, which is used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

What lays ahead?

Even though the competition is stiff and plenty, there are many underlying facts which point towards Roche’s success in dominating the market in the near future.

As of yet, Roche is working with nine different studies which plan to highlight and signify how Tecentriq can work best to treat cancer patients. They have a big enough sample size and aim to see if Tecentriq works best alone or in conjunction with different medications.

Tecentriq sales have also spiked in the US, Japan, and most of Europe. With this approval, however, sales of Tecentriq are bound to go through the roof since it will now be backed by the EU for multiple markets.

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