Ginkgo raises $290 million in Series E funding for Bioengineering

Ginkgo Bioworks has managed to raise more than $290 million for a cell reprogramming platform. The possibilities are there but they face some challenges. .

The primary focus of Ginkgo Bioworks is to create a synthetic biology platform. They strive to be experts in biological engineering, where they use living organisms (cells) to make factories that produces therapeutics for biopharmaceuticals. The cells that they engineer and design are researched and improved on by using tools in automation, analytics, and software that comes together.

Synthetic biology can be traced back in fragrances that many cosmetic industries focus on making, this approach has attracted pharma .
Their technology has managed to land Ginkgo Biowiorks two deals from their acquisition of a smaller biotech company The company acquired Warp Drive Bio earlier this year, a strategic position to acquire their intellectual property that mines information from genomes. This moved allowed them to establish a relationship with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical player, Roche. Shortly after acquiring Warp they also acquired a small stake in Synlogic for $80 million.

The company raised around $719 million, and the potential is there. Of course, there are some significant challenges related to making this a multi-industry thing.

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