New kids on the block, Crypto Healthcare start ups of 2019

With the development and launch of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency back in 2009, thousands of other crypto platforms have been developed. Each of these platforms seeking to change how things are done in a particular industry. While some focus on the financial industry, others lay emphasis on healthcare. Over hundreds of crypto platforms have been developed to change the way the trillion dollar healthcare industry functions. Some of these platforms include;


This crypto platform focuses basically on the data system of the healthcare industry. Being powered by the blockchain technology, MediBloc seeks to make the sharing of information across the system as fast and as efficient as possible. You will find out that it is quite impossible for every doctor in each city or state to have your medical record. This does not only delay the treatment process, but it could also lead to the administration of the wrong medication. There is no data system that is capable of recording the medical record of each patient. The MediBloc platform seeks to create a data system that is capable of storing the medical record of each patient in real time. This data system would be made available to all medical practitioners, thus, ensuring faster treatment. 2Dentacoin

This platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it was developed specifically to improve the dental field of the healthcare industry by offering an efficient and fast payment scheme as well as accessibility. The platform seeks to make use of its ERC-20 token, DCN to change how payments are made to the dentist. It seeks to totally revolutionize the healthcare industry. It offers a data storage system where the medical records of each patient can be stored. Also, it will help patients book appointments with their dentist right from the comfort of their homes.

A Dentacoin application has been developed and is compatible with Android and IOS devices.


With the help of the blockchain technology, this crypto platform seeks to create a regulated and secure platform for pharmaceutical companies as well as government agencies all with the aim of preventing the production, supply, and sale of counterfeit and expired drugs. Aside from the blockchain technology, this platform has also incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will provide value-added services for transparent and more efficient drug production and supply chain.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, FarmaTrust simply wants to stop the supply and sale of expired and counterfeit drugs.


This platform seeks to encourage users to provide data in exchange for incentives. The MTC token powers this platform and it seeks to create a platform that would facilitate the exchange of data between interested third parties in the healthcare industry. To explain better, if there’s a new technique or approach to treating patients diagnosed with a certain disease, Docademic seeks to encourage others to share this information with various medical practitioners in exchange for MTC tokens.

This would definitely move the industry forward as well as making it more efficient.

Corporate Trade Secrets? Amazon’s new executive…

United Health Group is suing its former executive, David Smith, the former VP of Product/Corporate Strategy for Optum Services, for a breach of contract over intellectual property. As the executive jumps from Optum to a new coming rival in healthcare ABC, a non profit healthcare company led by two tycoons Bezos and Warren.

The lawsuit claims that former executive stole documents from Optum’s Corporate Strategy the day he interview at Amazon. Mr. Smith printed corporate strategies the day he was set to interview for ABC. The lawsuit alleges that he was one of few employees that had access to revenue information (talk about leaving with important information).

What we do know is that theft is a problem that many companies are facing in this coming age of data. United Health Group’s and it’s affiliates, is one of the largest healthcare businesses in the world, with an annual revenue of more than $200 billion. Preventing theft and insights is a priority for a company of this magnitude, if it wants to continue to be a world player in healthcare.

Interesting Optum  sees Amazon as a threat, “ABC will very soon be direct competitor, if it is not providing Competitive Services to Optum’s client already” -Optum.

David Smith has denied any wrong doing that he intended to leave with corporate strategies.

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