Forma Therapeutics Raises $100 Million in Series D Financing

FORMA Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Massachusetts, just sent out a press release announcing that the company raised $100 Million (Yes, a hundred million :O). A monstrous round in Series D Financing will fuel the development of their therapy FT-4202 and FT-7051 that is treating patients suffering from rare blood disorders.

FORMA’s FT4202 may potentially play a critical role for being the next therapy for sickle cell. By targeting the mechanism of action that often leads to the development of blood disorders in patients, one can reverse and prevent the development of sickle cell disease. Patients who suffer from this disease tend to have a deficiency of PKR. FORMA’s investigational drug addresses this issue by being an activator for pyruvate kinase RNA (PKR). The activation leads to PKR activation and the binding of hemoglobin to oxygen for these patients.

In a research paper, Allosteric inhibitors of pyruvate Kinase, pyruvate kinase activators can be used potentially as a pharmaceutical treatment for patients with PK deficiency. Because kinase influences the metabolic process and glycolytic pathway, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, a protein critical in letting hemoglobin to have the affinity it needs to bind with oxygen.

Most drugs that are produced by pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies try to treat the symptoms of the disease. By reversing and preventing the development of this disease, an activator of PKR can potentially give better results for patients with rare hematologic disorders.

We are no longer creating traditional drugs that just treat the symptoms of a patient, BUT RATHER we are now looking at the underlying cause of a disease.

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Medixci Raises $400 Million for Next Drug Hunters and Biotech Entrepreneurs

Medixci is constantly trying to provide top of the line solutions in order to help drug hunters and biopharma entrepreneurs. This is a very powerful industry and it has the potential to expand and grow quite a bit. However, it needs a lot of direction, focus and it also has to expand in a way that will really work. Doing that is not impossible, but there are some challenges related to this.

Thankfully, Medixci just closed their latest funding session and they got to raise more than 400 million Euros. The fund closed in just 6 weeks and that means their total funds raised in just 3 years are now at roughly $1 billion in total. 

Medixci is trying to invest in the biopharma companies that really need support and assistance. This includes both the late and early stage companies. Some of the major investors in Medixci are Johnson and Johnson Innovation and Novartis. They backed Medixci at the earlier times, but they are now accompanied by other investors like medical institutions, hospital foundations and many others. The primary focus for them is to make sure that they help private companies. They are also trying to bolster their investment portfolio and ensure that there will be a great pipeline of assets that will constantly push things to the next level and bring in that sense of value and evolution that’s pretty much required in this type of industry.

There are many unmet medical needs and Medixci is trying to invest in companies that actively need investment and support. They need to push the boundaries and expand as much as possible, something that Medixci does very well and without a lot of funds to begin with. The fund size and also the funding speed shows that Medixci’s idea is something a lot of businesses in the industry pursue. 

They want something powerful, different but helpful enough as the industry continues to have different requirements and demands. This continues to be very challenging in many ways, but with the right system and commitment it will be able to work adequately. At this time Medixci strives to find emerging biopharma companies that actually need a lot of help and support. They need as much help as possible, and the company strives to at least find the right solutions designed to help them. It’s a creative and powerful idea, and it has the potential to expand more than imagined. 

 At this time Medixci is one of the largest European biotech funds. And it will continue to be a major operating platform for biopharma companies that need funding in order to bring their vision to fruition. It’s not going to be simple or seamless, but the platform has the potential to grow and evolve as it brings better, more professional and comprehensive solutions to the market. In the end the consumers benefit from all of this, as they have outstanding results and a tremendous experience without having to worry about getting top of the line results.