Mike B.
Founder, Writer, Chemist

An alumni from a small college to a guy wearing flip flops at home running a small news media company. I am the dude who occasionally writes cool articles about our industry, interviews Pharma and Biotech CEOS, to the guy that always shows up late rushing to a Crossfit class that he knows damn well was a bad idea to sign up for 5AM classes.

To my readers, we couldn’t be where we are at today without you guys. Thank you for being there. You are what keeps us running.

Ghazi A.

Taylor S. 
Director of Marketing, Strategy, and Communication

Biotech Brothers LLC is an independently own news company that reports on what is happening in our industry today. As science geeks we decided to bring in relevant information to everyone. Since the birth of biotechnology in the 80s, we have seen tremendous progress that has made an impact and revolutionize healthcare never thought of before, from stem cells to 3-D bioprinting organs (Wow imagine!) our industry is still in the infancy of making impossibles to the reality of  tomorrow.

We are headquarter in Sunny San Diego California! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.